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Sherlock deduces that Adam has Stockholm syndrome and sympathizes with him to help find the killer.

The Balloon Man is identified as Samuel Abbott, but Abbott commits suicide, allowing for the release of his most recent victim.

The first break in the case was the recognition of a corneal disease in the two victims.

Sherlock races to find other potential victims while under suspicion of harassing witnesses and being watched by the police.

According to Sherlock's deductions, someone in the hospital has been killing vulnerable, pain-wracked, near-death patients and making it look like they had died of natural causes.

Joan, meanwhile, is called to dinner by Sherlock's father, who Sherlock claims would never propose such a thing.

Sherlock and Joan investigate a child abduction case which involves a serial killer known as the "Balloon Man", whose name comes from the fact that balloons are left at each of his crime scenes.

Matters get complicated when the Balloon Man's first victim from 2005, Adam Kemper (Johnny Simmons) is caught by the police.

After interviewing the woman, Sherlock and Joan find that she knew the man who attacked her.

When Sherlock calls NYPD Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) with his newest lead, Gregson reveals that they are at the suspect's house, and that said suspect has committed suicide.

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