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With pretty backgrounds, the option to change the color scheme and not-completely-annoying sound effects, it's a surprisingly immersive game. If you aren't getting rid of enough letters and they hit the danger area at the top of the screen, then it's curtains.

Some stuff you may like to know is that I won’t sugar coat anything. Once you've done that you can grow the word by adding more letters, if possible, or swapping out letters for others that still make a real word. Offering the option to view the grid, the clues or both in a split screen, this app makes crosswords really work on the i Phone's display. Pan around the grid by dragging the display, hit on the grid to see the clue come up across the bottom of the screen and then tap the pencil icon to type in the answer.So, for example, you could swap the "h" in "hover" to an "l" to make "lover." If you add a letter and find you no longer have a viable word then that's called a "twaddle," and you'll lose points. One standout feature that really helps the crossword concept to translate to a digital device is the ability to either "pen" or "pencil" in your answers, so if you aren't sure about an answer you can enter it in a lighter font.Tools to help include some extra cards at the bottom that are optional to use, and the ability to "burn" three cards per level if you really can't use them. Take the bubble-popping principle of the likes of Bejeweled, add in a dose of running-out-of-screen Tetris panic, and mix it up with some word game action and you have Alexia.If you get stuck altogether then you can hit the white flag to surrender. As the letters flow down the screen you have to make as many words as you can, as quickly as you can by selecting the letters in order and then hitting them to make them disappear.

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To say that here at Mashable we "heart" word games is as much of an understatement as saying the ocean is a bit wet.

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