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People frequently misinterpret this body language and approach the dog inappropriately and are bitten. Coat presentation almost perfect, but for some excessive facial hair. Great to see his experienced handler, showing him on a loose lead, giving him every opportunity to show his excellent temperament.The sad thing is that most episodes of aggression aren’t investigated and treated properly. The breed standard states 'strong, powerful, muscular', and this boy has all that. His movement was powerful, free and easy, holding a super outline. Judge: Mrs Sherril Goodwin GROUP 1 STARGUS ALLEGRO Breed: Airedale Terrier (MRS L LEE) GROUP 2 CH SEPTEMBER MORN ON IRVONHILL Breed: Irish Terrier (MR A & MRS J, MR J & MISS A BARKER, AVERIS, GODDARD) GROUP 3 WATERCROFT GOLD DUST Breed: Norfolk Terrier (MRS R GEE) GROUP 4 CH BRAKEMILL BARNUM SHCM Breed: Skye Terrier (MRS J A CURTIS) WINDSOR 18 TERRIER GROUP JUDGE WINDSOR 18 For me this was a most exciting occasion to judge my first Terrier Group at this level and thank Windsor for allowing me this honour at such a prestigious show.Dogs aren’t born aggressive, they become aggressive for a myriad of reasons.They have a large variety of body language that they use to convey a “stay away” message.Included in that list were; the Border, Ch Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath JW; Dandie Dinmont, Ch Hawkesmill Jenny For Wilmit JW Sh. 2016 and all I would add to that is that I liked him last time, I liked him even more today.CM; SFT, Am Ch Absolutely Signature, Norfolk, Ch Marchdens Look To The Sky For Blakens; WHWT, Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow JW Sh. Some can considered themselves extremely unfortunate not to be placed. G2 was the beautiful moving SCWT, Mother's Finest Jon Snow At Fantasa.My training has given me the knowledge to work with dogs exhibiting all sorts of behavioural problems, so however bad you think your dog’s habits may be please do give me a ring. Loved his rear action powered from large well developed hindquarters.

As for Tilly, toilet training proved to be really tricky with the other two around. Third went to the Bedlington dog Pykhtar's Eur Czech World GB L ' End Show Metti Surpri Displayed a graceful outline yet muscular pleasing head narrow yet had depth teeth large and strong, His thick and linty coat was presented to perfection to complete the picture .Consequently, the reason for the aggression is usually buried with the dog.”Harvey came to me at 6 yrs old as his owner could no longer look after him. His head is well balanced, large perfect teeth, clean neck, leading in to perfect shoulders. A very strong quality group made for some challenging decisions My shortlisted dogs were the Irish Terrier Full of breed type correct head and ears super body pleasing coat and set on just not giving his best on the move in the hot atmosphere.He took to following me everywhere and barked at everything and everyone. Another hard to overlook the West Highland White T so well balanced displaying free easy movement Also pressing hard was the Soft coated Wheaten T who I have previously awarded a CC and always impresses.With only a little over 50% of the scheduled breeds allocated CCs here, one could be forgiven that the quality of those entering the group might be less than other shows.However, that certainly was not the case today with a number of high quality dogs, including those I have previously liked, not making, what Vince Hogan described in his 'live feed', as a "Medium short list"!

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Worst of all Beau started showing aggression towards Harvey and I became worried that it might change his gentle nature. Runner up went to the Bull Terrier Catilina& Dofro's Tjurpanna Stormrider Could not resist this Gladiator of his breed a real eye catcher of a dog strongly built muscular yet perfectly symmetrical despite his active attitude.

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