How to deal with intimidating boss

Even though you won’t get any empathy or support from a narcissistic boss, the benefits of what you learn from working for him may outweigh the emotional costs.

Lastly, you can create a safe yet positive workplace for yourself regardless of what type of boss you may have.

If you frequently feel demeaned, undermined, over-looked or over-worked, harassed, or bullied at work you might be working for a narcissistic boss, supervisor or manager. What makes them toxic is that they have little or no empathy or concern for others. They seem to almost enjoy intimidating the workers under them.

Narcissistic bosses usually reward those who “suck up” to them, those who support their distorted view of reality, and those who work hard in order to make the boss look good.

A narcissistic boss has an insatiable need for admiration and is obsessed with self-importance.

But unless you are singled out from others at your work and treated differently, you are unlikely to have a valid grievance, provided your employer stays within the boundaries of acceptable management practice.My employers investigated and agreed with my complaint.The worst offender got the sack, and the others got formal warnings.” Lucy, Ipswich“I worked in a big restaurant as a waiter.Sometimes it’s obvious when you have good reason to complain about discrimination – for example if someone makes offensive comments about your sexuality or ethnicity. You may have a good reason to complain about discrimination in these circumstances too:“It was shocking the way the Latvians at work always got lumbered with the worst shifts.I complained about it which didn’t go down too well.

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Grievances are normally about things like: There are a few types of complaint which you can’t make using a grievance procedure.

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