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For example, the format of the number for Christine Josephine Robinson, born 2 July 1975 R O B I N 7 5 7 0 2 5 C J 9 9 9 0 1 N N N N N Y M M D D Y I I C C C C C N = 1st five letters of the surname (if the surname begins MAC or MC it is treated as MC for all). M = MONTH of birth (In the case of a female, the number represented by the first M will have the value 5 added to the first digit e.g. 11) would display ‘61’ in the MM boxes or if born in February (i.e. If the licence indicates that the candidate has a middle name, ensure that one has been provided in Section A. For Northern Ireland; Isle of Man and Jersey driving licences the licence number is in a different format.

The licence number is unique to the driver and the ‘name’ or ‘date of birth’ validation, as shown above, cannot be used.

Examine the licence for evidence of photo tampering or any amendment of the printed details.

Remove the document from the plastic wallet and check that it is printed on both sides.

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do not accept two bank statements as two of the required documents, if they are from the same bank.You cannot accept the foreign equivalent of an identity document if that document is listed as ‘(UK)’ on the list of valid identity documents.If an identity document is provided in a foreign language, you must obtain a translation of that document, certified by a Notary Public.Denoted with ** - it should be issued within the past 12 month. You should inform candidates that if they were adopted before the age of 10, they do not need to provide their surname at birth, they should give their adoptive name.This is because the age of criminal responsibility is deemed to be 10 years, under the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, Chapter 12, Section 50.

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