Intimidating and unapproachable

Before I get in trouble let me end this by saying this is only a non factual opinion.

I personally like it when a woman is full of self confidence.

Opening up to these new guys and, in return, hearing their advice for me (smile, be confident, be yourself) was more practice for the real thing.I spend a bit of time in Denver at our corporate office and you can tell by walking down the 16th street mall the confident ones from the not so confident ones. Think it means cruel...there is an old saying "Never make a contentious woman your wife" - contention means contest- You don't want a woman around that is constantly seeking control - some one that is competitive with YOU..If guys are afraid to approach a female it is because their own self confidence is lacking and are feeling insecure. You want a person that is your equal.."intimidation" that some sense ..power mongering.....a man does not need to be dominated any more than a woman wants to be dominated and abused- If they attempt to intimidate or have that persona..on.... I come off as ice cold--until I open my mouth or laugh.Maybe it's the fact that I lived in NYC for five years, or maybe I am shyer than I realize.But I find it so incredibly hard to speak or even smile at guys I'm into! I need advice about how to seem more approachable to men and some tips to get over being so shy around my crushes.*I can TOTALLY relate to this one. Actually, when I was newly single in college after a two-and-a-half year relationship, I found it difficult to meet guys and make new friends because I was so shy. During my timid phase, I realized that I just hadn't had much experience with new people.

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  1. Alot of the reasons thats ab/dl teens speak to people online about it is because it makes you feel like abit of a freak, and searching online knowing you arn't alone with these feelings is a major help to teenagers in that situation.