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When people reflect and focus on their internal world, they are introspective.However, individuals cannot engage in observation and introspection at the same time.The expressive role variants are Promoters (expressive Operators), Performers (expressive Entertainers), Supervisors (expressive Administrators), Providers (expressive Conservators), Teachers (expressive Mentors), Champions (expressive Advocates), Fieldmarshals (expressive Coordinators), and Inventors (expressive Engineers).The attentive role variants are Crafters (attentive Operators), Composers (attentive Entertainers), Inspectors (attentive Administrators), Protectors (attentive Conservators), Counselors (attentive Mentors), Healers (attentive Advocates), Masterminds (attentive Coordinators), and Architects (attentive Engineers).

It was first introduced in the book Please Understand Me.

The extent to which people are more observant or introspective directly affects their behavior.

People who are generally observant are more 'down to earth.' They are more concrete in their worldview and tend to focus on practical matters such as food, shelter, and their immediate relationships.

The pragmatic temperaments are Rationals (pragmatic and abstract) and Artisans (pragmatic and concrete).

The cooperative temperaments are Idealists (cooperative and abstract), and Guardians (cooperative and concrete).

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In his 2010 follow-up book, Personology, "Coworkers" is renamed "Collaborators", and "Responders" is renamed "Accomodators" The following table shows how the four rings relate to one another and to the various temperaments.

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