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In fact here's a pic of Anthony Recker's massive, womanly butt that you may not have seen before...This Mike Chiasson (spelling), Sidney's best friend and roommate, or "roommate", seems awfully gay to me. Plus, you can tell he has a uni-brow and he manicures it. To his pics, scroll down on this board a little bit.Sid's handlers would be careful, I think, to avoid all that. Why don't you all use one of the three (at minimum) threads that were started for that specific topic?And frankly, as I said before, maybe he's just old fashioned. Or you can fill your Anthony Recker threads with appreciation of fat asses.You may be to "see more comments" and scroll down further. I'd rather not speculate, and just leave my admiration of his and Crosby's asses to the purely visual ass-pects such as this bit of DL-like posting on Twitter: "Sidney Crosby should just come out of the locker room already - I'd say closet, but his butt's too big to fit in one." :)Does Sidney Crosby really give off the vibe he sleeps around or bangs random puck-bunnies? I was too young to know anything about him during his glory days.[quote][R101], which of the guys you listed in [R126] have womanly butts?Paul Mercurio shows amazing womanly butt in this clip from Exit to Eden linked below. Even closeted gay men date women like Zach Efron, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner, etc.

That is quite a feminizing, objectifying quality and I think Recker's butt has that in spades.

Glad someone mentioned Tyler Seguin, I personally find him more attractive than Sidney, especially after seeing him in person. But in order to better evaluate it, we need Sidney to show his naked ass and pose naked like the European athletes do for Dieux du Stade[quote]Yes, I've heard of them, [R95], but I don't think major NHL hockey players just grab a bunch of women off the street after a game when they are drunk. Funny you should mention Anthony Recker, R120, because I am actually a big admirer of his huge womanly butt too.

What I find most womanly about Recker's butt is the sheer fatness of it.

While his peers were learning social skills, dating girls, going to dances, etc., Sidney was either on the ice, in the weight room, in class, replenishing calories, or sleeping. He's painful to watch sometimes -- it gives him an aura of dopeyness, that "retarded" thing that the Puckbunny Parlor posters referred to. Jack was here for a year, so how can he be considered a ladies man? I’m preoccupied with hockey.“I’m not saying I don’t want to meet girls.

When you think of the combination of social awkwardness and what young men are exposed to in junior hockey in Canada, I can see how he'd be the type to favor groupies or prostitutes --women he doesn't have to have a relationship with. I have seen that face in person, and I quickly turned away. If the right one came along, I’d do it, but if it’s going to get me away from what I’m doing here, it’s not the right time.”Sidney Crosby’s ideal girl is independent, upbeat, and athletic.

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