Javascript for validating dropdownlist in asp net

When it comes to client-side validate form, j Query Validation plugin is one of the best in business.Here, I am trying to show you how to use j Query Validation plugin in Asp. But no error message shown after the validation is called.After debugging the javascript for the validation, Control To Validate property generate the wrong element ID of the control, “dnn_ctr433_Manage LCELoader_ctl00_ddl Exam Year“.Because _Layout.cshtml is included in every view in the web project, it is a good place to include script references that implement functionality for page elements, such as the be included in production code.Including script library references and scripts at the end of the page improves page rendering performance.As the user changes the selected country the values for the *State/Region** field must be reset.Successful implementation of Ajax partial views depends on properly loading a number of Java Script libraries. NET MVC template includes a standard _Layout.cshtml file that implements navigator features and includes references to standard Java Script libraries.

The codes in this guide are derived from the same Visual Studio solution used for the companion guide, available on Git Hub.

JQuery Validation plugin is very easy to use and has the advantage of being highly customizable both in functionality, such as validation rules.

The purpose of this tutorial is a few lines of Java Script specify the form and apply the validation plugin.

Ajax functionality depends on the j Query library, but not the Bootstrap library.

If the web project does not implement the Bootstrap CSS framework the Bootstrap library is unnecessary.

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