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Jerry, only interested in the ticket, agrees to pay Bania two meals at Mendy’s in exchange for the dry cleaning ticket. Bania unsuccessfully tries to cut Jerry in line at the Soup Nazi’s soup stand, “Jerry, I didn’t know you like soup”. Like their posters, they’ve creatively and elusively provided only Seinfeld quotes about themselves. “Yada, yada, yada, we didn’t want to be a pirate.“ Contact us? Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, message me back.” All you really need to know, however, is how and where to buy their posters and that can be done through their Etsy shop, which is anything but a jerk store.Well, birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we've grown. Later, while at the coffee shop, Bania joins George and Jerry in a booth and orders a soup and sandwich. Having ordered soup and a sandwich, Jerry feels he has fulfilled his obligation, but Bania disagrees as they didn’t eat in a fancy restaurant like Mendy’s.

Jerry ends up mentoring Bania, and helps him write the famous Ovaltine joke. ” Bania offers Jerry a brand new Armani suit and he doesn’t even want anything for it…

After seeing Bania’s act, Abby is unimpressed and loses respect for Cynthia, eventually firing her as her mentor. They should call it round tine.” Jerry believes that Kenny Bania is riding his coattails, and that his act is only working because he goes on after Jerry.

Cynthia dumps Bania because of his poor act, and he turns to Jerry for advice, and Jerry agrees to be his mentor. He also begins to date one of Jerry’s ex-girlfriends, Jenna.

well, except that Jerry buy him a meal in exchange.

Reluctantly, Jerry accepts the offer and takes Bania out to eat at Mendy’s, but Bania only orders soup, which he says doesn’t’ count as a meal.

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