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The ill-tempered tangle between the two men began when Mr Ramos, in a front row seat, stood at the top of the news conference and began to assail the candidate about his plans to deny citizenship to babies of illegal aliens born in the United States and to deport everyone in the US without residence papers.Soon after Mr Ramos was shown out of the room by security guards, Mr Trump was pressed by other reporters about whether it had been appropriate."Stop the word tsunami for two seconds," Carlson told his guest. Look, if 13 million illegals showed up in Mexico tomorrow and wouldn't leave and if people from countries like you called anyone who wanted to make them leave a racist, I think you would call it what it is, which is an invasion. From FOX News: TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Jorge Ramos also works as an anchor at Univision, which unlikely RT has not been forced to register as a foreign agent. And I think we have a long tradition of being generous of accepting other immigrants from countries where they are fleeing violence and poverty and lack of democracy. CARLSON: Probably want to fly business class to Zurich and move to the Alps, but I don't get to because it's not my country. "It's the Mexican citizen lecturing me about what kind of country America is. Ramos then took umbrage at Carlson calling the "caravan" an "invasion." "Oh, there is an invasion," Carlson said. That's what this is." The two continued to debate why it is the obligation of the U. to take in the "caravan." Ramos complained 25 million Americans who use drugs have created a demand for cartels which created a dangerous landscape making the U. He also wrote the book, "Stranger: The Challenge of Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era." We speak to him just a minute ago. I think that's precisely what the United States is. RAMOS: First of all, they do not want to stay in Mexico. And second of all, if you are fleeing violence, if you are fleeing gangs in Honduras or El Salvador or Guatemala, why would you want to go to Mexico when, in the last five years, more than 100,000 people were killed by drug violence?

Sam Yagan—the CEO of online dating juggernaut Match Group, co-founder of OKCupid and self-described professional matchmaker—has already mastered the art of getting people connected online, but his next challenge is understanding what happens once people meet offline.They fill out the paperwork, they get in line from around the world. CARLSON: So, the first and maybe most important question is why should we let these asylum-seekers, these migrants into our country? They fill out the paperwork, they get in line from around the world. And I don't know why that system doesn't work." Ramos said the refugees want to come here legally, despite climbing border walls, and that it is Carlson who is "criminalizing" them because they want somewhere safe to go. RAMOS: I think the United States is becoming a hostile, even dangerous country for refugees and for immigrants. Actually, I - RAMOS: So, they want to come to the United States. There is no journalist more influential in the community than Mr Ramos.It may have been that that had dawned on Mr Trump as he then proceeded to claim that he wouldn’t mind if they let him back in.

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