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Both are pierced with the "tulip cut", the knife also has bright cut engraving.

Lee and Wigfull worked between 18, Henry Wigfull was the driver of the business, he employed over 100 people in 1880, and won awards at the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1881.

The handle has 2 scrolls, and the interior is gilded.

The hallmarks are clear, including a 6th unofficial mark, possibly a Hennell trademark, a device looking like a cross bar gate.

Realistic animal sculptures by Patrick Mavros of Zimbabwe are held in high esteem, given the quality of the modelling perhaps this silversmith was trained by Mavros. The case is rectangular, and is beautifully engraved with scrolling foliage, the quality is excellent.

A fabulous silver and enamel advertising cigarette case, featuring the famous English cricketer W. The interior is gilded, and has 2 elaborately pierced and engraved arms, both with hinges.

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