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In counseling Church members about dating, courtship, and marriage, President Spencer W.Kimball emphasized the importance of living by the Lord’s law of chastity and fidelity.Maggie immediately went into it and shut all the shutters and doors and we coaxed her to pop out of the window and say, "Peek-a-boo! Both Lily and I could tell though that she was a bit reticent about this visit.She seemed to know that something was not going to be all fun and games about it and I don't know the last time she went to the doctor so I'm not sure why she was acting that way.Can they not see that, pushed by pleasure, they will become more and more distant from joy?Can they not see that their kind of fulfillment will produce a hollowness and an emptiness from which no fleeting pleasure can finally rescue them?So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Oh, how the children love the little play house in the doctor's office!

But if it helps the least little bit for me be there with them, I will do it. Maggie gave August a kiss and a hug and he tolerated it with silent acceptance and we hugged and kissed Aunt May and when she got the chance, she grabbed on to Levon.

I mean- she doesn't even want Lily to brush her hair.

And this trait will serve her well as she gets older. She had to get two shots but this office puts as many nurses to the task as it takes.

The law of the harvest has not been repealed [see Galatians 6:7].

The early apostles and prophets mention numerous sins that were reprehensible to them.

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