Leykis 101 rules of dating

The reasoning behind this is Leykis’ opinion that more money spent during a date will not necessarily lead to a better chance of sex, contrary to the belief of most ‘uninformed’ men.

If the person a student is dating does not want sex by the third date, a Leykis 101 student is instructed to “dump that bitch”. Then at dinner, just order a salad or bowl of soup.

Breaking up, looking back, was the best thing that ever happened to me, since the break up: 1.- Job offers and Opportunities making 6 figures.

2.- New apartment 3.- New car (just lol the same car I used to take from her to go to clubs but newer model) 4.- Real Estate license (back into the biz) 5.- Increase in savings.

At the minimum, you will have to see her every day, and maybe collaborate with her frequently. With all the background checks employers perform, if a sexual harassment lawsuit pops up you can say good buy to that job.Leykis’ 101 class is currently held on The Tom Leykis Show on Thursdays..00 Spending Limits Leykis 101 students are cautioned against spending more than on a date.Dates This one can be the hardest to follow, but abide by it.Girls know within the first 5 minutes how far they will go with you, and will probably do so at the earliest possible time.

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Leykis says, “if you’re the risky type, stick around and sue her for attempted extortion.” Habanero and Tabasco are two widely used. In fact, you should not engage in any conversation with a woman at work unless it directly relates to work. If you go beyond this, you’re a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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