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But teens discovered the service about two years ago and word spread quickly. The company has 40 million users, up from 26 million in June, and is targeting 100 million users by 2013.Teen enthusiasm is helping oovoo compete against larger, more established rivals like Skype and the video chat services run by Apple and Google.Talkspace will let you check in with your therapist outside of a session, but there’s little to no chance you’ll be sending them consistent updates on your trip to the mall or video calling them to share an episode of its three-day lineup of music superstars on You Tube.All this content is available to be incorporated into an online counseling world.Oovoo’s Facebook page has 1.7 million “likes”, placing it in the top 20 technology brands on the social networking site.The company estimates that its name is broadcast on Twitter once every two seconds, mostly by teens tweeting incessantly about their oo Voo activity.

When I turn my wi-fi back on and wait, not getting any notification neither via app badge icon, lock screen, or in history, that someone has called me. The “lmproved” version is decidedly less informational. I don’t want my whole address book accessible to SKYPE.

If you can’t get young people off social media, even to save themselves, maybe you should try to help them while they’re on it.

Maybe online counseling via Skype, or just a safe place to hang out and video chat, is the answer to digital media evils..

These services demand nothing more from their clients than a webcam or smartphone and a standard video conferencing connection–Skype will do the job for free, so there’s no hassle there.

Of course, that’s not to say these online counseling services themselves are necessarily free.

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Even without formal counseling available, merely having a moderated social media or video chat environment might be enough to let teens enjoy a portion of their online lives without fear of bullying.

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