Man not making dating plans

The Traditional Courtship Script: Females Give Proceptive Signals / Males Make Risky First Time Relationship Initiatives While women sometimes do make risky first time relationship initiatives, men have traditionally been expected to make the great majority of them.

In the film "When Harry Met Sally" Harry makes a risky initiative that Sally finds offensive, so he says "I take it back." Sally replies: "You can't take it back, it is already out there." First time risky initiatives are especially salient because the initiator has no previous history of acceptance by the target person.

If a woman accepts a first date, men have been expected to make additional first time risky relationship and sexual initiatives as their relationship develops (Farrell, 1986).

For example, if a newly dating, heretofore platonic heterosexual couple, go out for the first time on a movie date together, the woman might signal her willingness to hold hands proceptively -- perhaps by placing her hand on the chair arm rest next to him.

Clark (2008) found that the use of nonverbal "proceptive behaviors" generally makes someone of the opposite sex more attractive.

However, these behaviors were rated to be most effective when they are performed by women, rather than by men.

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