Mandating athletic trainers in high schools

Bo E data for non-EDI ports are entered by AD Category – I bank of the importer on receipt of Bo E (importer’s copy) and then the bank uploads the data in IDPMS through “Manual BOE reporting” process. In this context, coupon may be paid out of current year profits.However, if current year profits are not sufficient, coupon may be paid subject to availability of:(ii) Reserves representing appropriation of net profits, including statutory reserves, and excluding share premium, revaluation reserve, foreign currency translation reserve, investment reserve and reserves created on amalgamation.In order to enhance ease of doing business and reduce transaction costs, the Reserve Bank on January 12, 2017 has discontinued submission of hardcopy of Evidence of Import documents which is, Bill of Entry (Bo E), with effect from December 1, 2016, as it is available in Import Data Processing and Monitoring System (IDPMS).The revised procedure is :• AD Category – I bank will enter Bo E details (Bo E number, port code and date) as received from the importer and download the Bo E message data from “BOE Master” in IDPMS.2018 Ticket Information Tickets can be purchased online or at any of the five locations listed below.Buy your tickets early to take advantage of the advanced purchase price.

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