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When they to marry us, they then begin to deceive, to beat us, to drink a lot of spirits drink. Parents take them with them somewhere to the seaside. Dear , thanks for your reply and I hope to hear soon from you. You know I want to say that I'm always thinking about you. Strangers for a time, until their souls reach out and touch one another. They gave of each other for each other's happiness. She did not respond to that at first, said that she had a friend in a travel agency who could get a tourist visa for 0. I was ready to go visit her there, both to meet her and to initiate fiancee visa, but she said the gangsters would get me. At university I had all time excellent estimations. In parallel I studied at university English, French. First time when I have made operation to the man it there were two years back I made operation of erasion of an appendicitis is there was my first operation. My character very quiet, gentle, I the modern girl. For me main it when the man speaks to me all time the truth. I shall auscultate to him, if he wants to be uttered. I answer you We here in Russia do not have good men, which could care and like the women beautifully. You may talk to our manager and they'll explaine you everything what you need. 1 Ocean to Ocean They are two people drawn together by an unseen power. Love has an intensity as still as a calm night or as savage as a raging storm. Aware of life and living again in a complacent world. I told her early on that this was not possible, that I needed to come there to initiate a fiance visa.I know other people can make a lot of promises that they never keep to you. It's difficult to write about my feelings, but I'll try... We leave the cafe & walk along the lake's beach under the stars which are as old as the world, with their-cold shining these stars are reflected in the smooth lake's surface & in your warm & bottomless eyes. We dance on the sand & feel the beat of our hearts. I think that you are a lucky man to have a good job and satisfied with it. I love my profession too, but now it's very difficult in my country to find a good job. The last one wasn't used by me as a job, I have only cut my mother's hair and she has been always satisfied with my work :-)))).I on the other hand have every intention of knowing you. Nature around us is wonderful magic lake & enchanted forest. And then the car will get us away to the depth of the night... But sometime our beautiful dreams are only a sand castle which can be destroyed by occasion wave... Ny dream was to become a modeller, to create and design a new style of clothes and to study computer design.In the first sentence of each email she would address one question from a prior email. In rereading these it is obvious sh s using templated text. I search to myself for the man, which can me grow fond on the present. In our city there are a lot of trees, and who to us comes speak that city all green. I very much liked to study at school, the school years were very perfect. Each woman wants to find to itself love, but it not at all it to turn out. An understanding, that words cannot express, spreads across the miles and friendship commences. They revel at the very thought of hands caressing and lips touching from ocean to ocean. She ignored my request to talk with her on the phone or send the original Russian text of her letters (she had them translated by computer). I think that appearance not most important, but it is very interesting to me to see yours Photo. I has told it(her), that today me has come letter from man from America. To me to like to go for a walk on his(its) streets, to visit museums. She(it) costs(stands) 350 bucks, But I now do not have such money.Over the course of two weeks she fell in love with me, letters getting more and more effusive. I was born and I live in the country Russia, my city is called Kirov. To me the city very much like, I proud of the city. Once per one week I go with the girlfriends in cinema. All of us together each time went in cinema, theatres, to discos. Per 19 years I had first love, but she was at me very sad. Very seldom, who finds the present love here in Russia. I am to be believed that at us with you all will turn out. I very much hope that you will understand me why I want to leave from Russia. The beauty of love is seen as an oasis in the desert of loneliness. They understand the workings of the mind to protect from pain. When she did respond,she seemed quite loving, tender, and genuine. I have derivation of the cook And higher education on a speciality economy and marketing. She(it) has told that it well, but it is impossible to trust at once. To write to you the letters I while I shall use the program of translation. If something to you will not be understandable, tell me about it. Of Magadan is posed at coast Ohotskoe of the sea on an isthmus between continent and By peninsula Starizkyi. For us in City is of theatres, museums, houses of culture. If you can, transmit them to me through Western Union, address of separation: AVANGARD BANKPROLETARSKAYA, 17 MAGADAN MAGADAN 685000 RU Marina Smirnova My girlfriend to work in bank and she(it) to me to advise the system Western Union, she(it) to speak that it is the most reliable and fast system of remittances. If you will help me with money and our occurring, you to go in bank and there to give you 10 digits when you to dispatch money, 10 digits you to dispatch to me and about the help these 10 digits I can gain your money here in my city in bank. Irina answered an online personal I had on and we started corresponding. At first I two years worked the assistant of the surgeon but then I began to work the surgeon. I to be convinced of it when my girlfriends to leave behind the husband for Russian men. The knowledge of a lifetime is passed between them. I was ready to fly her to Paris, Moscow, Saipan, anywhere, but she never responded to those suggestions.Her letters were always talking a lot about herself and her life. And consequently I have decided that to me is not necessary the man from Russia. Sharing the joys, the tribulations, the expectations is a new experience. With familiarity comes laughter to brighten the spirit and lighten the heart. She often did not respond to my questions for three days or more, if at all, though she wrote every day. I rang in the American embassy, they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, she(it) is real during 90 days.

To me because 26 years and me are to be found to itself the husband. They said that it's the cheapest way to arrange everything But it's anyway such a great sum of money !!! All you need is my full name Lida Kurutkina my city Makeyevka and my country Ukraine. She don't seem to answer any questions that I have asked of her and again her main theme in all of her letters to me is how poor she is and needs "MONEY" for her letters to me.

She writes exactly the same phrases as she did to Tim, she is clearly a busy bee. I sincerely hope that we'll gain strong and long relationships, which we'll cherish together. I have also noticed that her photos are the same as ones posted under a different name of Elvira Savinceva from Ekaterinberg at another scam site. I would like to meet a man who will value all my qualities. So I'd like to tell you more about myself for you to know me better. Also I adore short-term trips with group to the country. I think that they beautify our life anywhere: at home, in the street, in the work place. And it's very painful to discover one day that a man simly played with you or his intentions were not serious. I'm very sorry to begin with these words but I'd like to have honest relations.

I have written to about her activities and I have also directed them to her listing on the blacklist. I would like to see a tender-hearted, loving, reliable man beside me. For example, there we put tents, make a fire, cook food(I like to cook)(usually fish soup, millet porridge, and toasts), sing songs, fool, and tell terrifying stories. As for me I think that there is no woman who does not like flowers at all. You see I thought your invitation over and I really would love to spend time with you, we'll know each other better, speak much about everything to each other. If your intentions are serious and you are still interested in our correspondence and if you are ready to pay for it, I'll be glad to get your detailed letter about you with photos and I'll answer any questions you are interested in with great pleasure. Sincerely Mariana Thank you very much for your letters and picture.

Many times I asked a question to myself: Why in this world everything depends on money? The most important is when people understand each other. But I strongly want to arrive to you and money here is necessary. I have a big desire to meet you, to embrace you and to kiss you. Because he at me very strongly liked a bouquet of roses. Because I would like in the future to be with you series. I to love you and I begin to understand that love this such strong feeling, I of rad That I could test it(him) due to you. Marina Smirnova, 30 yo, Magadan, Siberia, Russia, AKA Anastasia Vetrova (Magadan), AKA Tamara Repina (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia) I am a white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Maryana Pismennaya and also a scammer agency called Scarlett Agency and the director Tatiana Lavrichenko.

If I would have money I'll immediately arrive to you. If want, write to me the home address, send to me the photos. And if you want to be with me in the future, write to me the letters. mailto:[email protected] letters please me so much every time I get them I'm so glad you want to be with me. I went to the travel agency and asked about the cost of everything. But there's no other way i think I don't have such money And I want to meet you so much and spend with you unforgettable days!!! The e-mail of the agency is [email protected] and Maryana has an e-mail address of [email protected] . From the very onset, she is claiming to be out of a job, poor and is already asking money for correspondence for her letters and wants .

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