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"You don't get to do this, you don't get to act like everything is fine between us.""What are you talking about Max?! "When I hear guys talking about you, and what they want to do to you. " Max walks closer to her, and Phoebe stands her ground. "Phoebe fell silent and Max sighed after a few more seconds." Phoebe threw back, rising from her seat, her emotions confusing and scattered. "We're not doing this." She tried in a gentler tone."Doing what?

First she tells him that she wants nothing to do with him, the next she's grilling him on what he can and can't do."What's wrong?" Max questioned, crossing his arms defiantly over his chest."This." She said motioning between the two of them. " His voice is so small."A-and I might say yes." She couldn't believe she was actually saying this to him, but she felt she had no choice."We're not going back to this, it's wrong and you need to move on.""I have! Just like that the tension in the room had reached immeasurable heights. The expression on Max's face said it all, he was hurt, very hurt. The feeling in his stomach churning and becoming more recognizable for anger and uncontrollable possessiveness."Wanna bet?Moving his mouth to her throat, placing bites down the lines of her neck.One of his hands grabs at her wrists, his larger hand easily gathering both of her hands into one of his own, and he puts her arms over her head.

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