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basically it's just a slimmed down version of this website.Navigate your browser to app.turfwars The invite codes below are from fellow turfers that have donated whatever they could and helped in the development into making turfwars UK that little bit better! :) If you would like to contribute and have your code displayed then please go to this page and follow the instructions!READ ME: You MUST be familiar with coding glitches, etc. We do have a deadline but will wait for the right programmer to come along.for the Myspace Mobsters application to bid on this project. Due to the nature of the Mobsters Community, a standard 5 year NON-DISCLOSURE/NON-COMPETITION AGREEMENT is required to land this project.Please include estimated completion timeframe in initial PMB contact.We WILL be posting projects for other games in the future & the successful bidder will have "first dibs".

* Needs to calculate "Total Stats" including (but not limited to): - Total Targets - Total bounty amount (of all targets) - Total cash spent via Mass Murder (Both for the user logged in & in totality) - Total kills, fights won/lost, any other changes in stats Individual reporting for each target as well as the spreadsheet as a whole - Average Bounty, Cash & Deaths * Stats display tool should be redesigned to match the rest of the site.

We've made it smoother by removing unnecessary items, updating and simplifying the layout and concentrated on the core elements that matter.

Get your hands on our mobile version available for your apple devices, it contains temp codes designed to quickly copy and paste between apps and a save feature so you don't lose your place plus a bump page to promote your Turf Wars Invite code...

We hope you understand and continue to use turfwars if you have any questions please feel free to email me [email protected]

If you have any ideas about a new feature you might like to see or spotted something wrong with the website? November 2012 sees the redesign of our website, simplified for tablet users and cross platform compatibility with a range of today's browsers.

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