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Yes, I understand that you may have a super-cool limited edition color-way bag featuring a screen print by your favorite street artist.That’s fine, but save it for carrying your things when you are not lawyering.It is really really painful when he gets angry..time I was sent for repairs. Designed to simulate a Mother chatting with her teenage son from her bed at night via laptop. The big brass zippers are not going to jam and break.It also comes with a bridle-leather shoulder strap.

Now that we’ve figured out what you shouldn’t be carrying your important lawyerly stuff in, we should discuss some better options.

I’ve provided three different options for a briefcase that will last you your entire career or longer.

These are so well-built you will probably be able to give them to your kids.

Do you think that you, a lawyer, carrying your important client files around in a backpack like a fifth grader will inspire confidence that you are a competent, confident professional?

But if you insist, at least get one that’s interesting, like something from Booq: Messenger bags are for bike messengers, mailmen, and people who are too cool for backpacks.

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