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Despite being surprisingly well documented in Words online Help file, the Style Ref field may be one of Words least noticedand consequently least usedfields.

Users who discover it (or have it pointed out to them), however, almost always welcome it gratefully.

When you create a new blank document you should see the name of an untitled document (which is "Document" followed by a number) rather than the path to Normal, but you are right: it won't update automatically. Next Story Range '' FIXME: for footnotes, endnotes and comments, I get a pop-up '' "Word cannot undo this action. Update Wend Next sr End Sub '' Update all the fields, indexes, etc. '' This is a parameterless subroutine so that it can be used interactively.For example, when you insert a date or time and set it to be automatically updated, Word inserts a code.Throughout this book, you’ve been learning about fields in an indirect way.

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