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Rumour has it the secret to their success lies in their 'open' approach to marriage.They met on the set of Family Ties, married in 1988, have stayed together throughout thick and thin and welcomed four children. Fox and Tracy Pollan's relationship has definitely stood the test of time.Another group spent 90 minutes a week doing pleasant but routine activities together -- like going to the movies. After 10 weeks, the researchers re-assessed the couples' relationship quality and found that those who had tried new and exciting undertakings were the most satisfied. Aron [one of the researchers behind the study] cautions that novelty alone is probably not enough to save a marriage in crisis.But for couples who have a reasonably good but slightly dull relationship, novelty may help reignite old sparks. Sometimes they're candlelit date nights, and walks through grassy meadows, and feeding each other cake at your wedding.

You have a similar sense of humor Neil Clark Warren, psychologist and founder of dating site e Harmony, previously told Business Insider that humor can be a "social lubricant" in a romantic relationship.

A Psychology Today blog post breaks down four ways a man could respond after his wife tells him she got a promotion at work: An active-constructive response from him would be enthusiastic support: "That's great, honey!

I knew you could do it, you've been working so hard." A passive-constructive response would be understated support -- a warm smile and a simple "That's good news." An active-destructive response would be a statement that demeaned the event: "Does this mean you are going to be gone working even longer hours now? " Finally, a passive-destructive response would virtually ignore the good news: "Oh, really?

Jada met Will when she auditioned to be his girlfriend on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in 1990.

She didn't get the part, but she did get herself a boyfriend, who became a husband and a father to their two children.

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