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You can force promotions in The Sims 4 using cheats.

To see if they worked open up your Perk rewards list and hover over the shopping basket.You can activate this simple mod within a few minutes. Input the cheat code testingcheats true first before entering the cheats below. Visit the Death Guide for more tips about killing your Sims.Step 1 – Download the Tmex-All Cheats.ts4script (found on the bottom op the page) Step 2 – Place it in Documents Other, and check both the “Enable Mods” and ” Enable Script Mods” options) Step 4 – Restart your game (If the mod is loaded properly a popup will confirm it was loaded.) Step 5 – You can now use every cheat from this page! If you want a 1 moodlet you can replace High for Low. The moodlet that lasts 12 hours is the special Cowplant buff/debuff. Open up the cheat console (CTRL SHIFT C) and enable testing Cheats with testing Cheats true and then enter the following cheat codes, after selecting a sim, to max out their desired skill.To select the exact level for your sim to be boosted to, simply fill in [1-10] with the level required.

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