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You want your prospective employer to see those things you can do better than anyone else, so refrain from a list of duties and responsibilities and instead focus on what you have done that makes you special. How did your company benefit or profit from your enthusiasm and creativity?What did you do to leave your company in a better place than when you started?

The Profile assesses the money you have, but it also takes the money you pay out into consideration by asking questions about your family’s medical expenses, debts, whether your family’s home is underwater, business expenses and other miscellaneous costs that aren’t included on the FAFSA.Just make it professional and don't get all artsy--unless you're an artist.In some cases you may have a gap of a few months or more between leaving a job and getting a new job.Use bullet points--but not so many that your reader becomes bleary-eyed.Prospective employers are much more likely to trash a resume with heavy content paragraphs versus a neat and clean bulleted resume.

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