Non jewish girl dating jewish boy

I would rather dance at the interfaith wedding of my Jewish female friends who will raise Jewish children than continue to cling to an outdated communal expectation that perpetuates loneliness and lacks compassion. J.’s work is reaching more readers than ever, but advertising revenues alone don’t cover our costs. First, they will be better able to participate in the commandment to "be fruitful and multiply," either by childbirth or adoption, in a more conventional family unit.

To denounce this idea fails to recognize an important, yet largely unstudied trend in Jewish life: That women, more than men, carry the spiritual spark of Judaism.

My wife, who is a rabbi, generally does not officiate at interfaith weddings.

But when a widowed Holocaust survivor and close friend of ours wanted to marry another close friend, my wife was supportive; clearly they were not going to have any children. Holding the Jewish community's line on not performing interfaith marriages or the happiness of this couple?

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My wife and I have several Jewish female friends in their mid-30s who are still single.

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