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In fact, the first ever decline in global mobile voice usage occurred in 2013 and that trend is likely to continue.How does your talking and texting stack up against the averages?Communicate more effectively and get more out of collaboration with Attentiv. Despite improvements in video conferencing and Vo IP technologies, and despite the fact that more people have cell phones now than ever before, we just aren’t speaking to each other as often.For example, 99% of Americans have cell phones, but spend 26 minutes per day texting and only 6 minutes on calls., followed by social networking at 74%, mobile phone calls at 67%, and face-to-face contact at 63%.Predictably, email is still the most frequently used form of non-vocal communication, but that may change very soon.This non-vocal trend started, at least in part, because of the spread of the internet.Internet usage saw a meteoric rise from 44 million in 1995, to over 3 billion in 2015. For perspective, an average of 0.4 texts were sent per month in 1995.

It is normal for Latino men to greet females with a kiss; even if they do not know each other well. In fact, a very common closing for a business letter in Latino correspondence is “un abrazo” or “a hug.” In interviewing Latinos I sometimes use touch to communicate that I understand and care about what they have to say.I did not realize how often I used non-verbal cues to communicate until I started dating a non-Hispanic girl who once asked me why I smacked my lips and made other sounds to convey my feelings, instead of simply expressing them verbally.As I have said in prior articles, Latinos are very emotional creatures; but that does not mean that the emotions are always verbalized.Achieving this heightened level of communication means going further than the articulation of words and connecting by relying on information that transcends the spoken language. are more likely than non-Hispanic consumers to rely on non-verbal communication and gut feelings in almost every interpersonal encounter.Is this communication preference limited to Hispanic consumers? And it does not apply to all Latinos either; but I am a market researcher, and we are in the business of generalization. In a prior post I gave some examples of this phenomenon.

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