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For the first time in the history of Messenger, users have been able to shop online straight through the communicator and take into account the help that virtual assistant can provide.Spring brings together more than 800 brands and designers, and the shopping process begins with the chatbot question about our sex, the type of product we are looking for and the price range.

A wider chatbot definition can be found on wikipedia pages.San Francisco’s Chatfuel helped create bots for messaging-app Telegram, also does work for Forbes and Techcrunch, and recently received funding from Russia’s biggest Internet firm Yandex NV, according to Business Week.“Bots are the new apps,” Chatfuel founder Dmitry Dumik told the magazine.Chatbots of big shopping portals are supposed to fill this gap.The implementation of the chatbot for the online shopping network, Spring, has shown Facebook’s first aspirations to become the Western response to the Asian giant We Chat.

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A Microsoft experiment has made it clear: if we want artificial intelligence in this world, it better not think like us.

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