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Then the kicker in the form of a requirement for a dating agreement to "keep her safe".

I had to go to a website and get a "booking number" before she would agree to our "date".

I be been on cougarlife and a lot of my convos have led to google as the place of communication.

A lot of these women want me to click on a link and get an approval number so they feel "safe"...this an actual thing or is the approval number just a scam to get your credit card number?

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" along with adamant refusals to even provide her phone number to facilitate communication. Finally, horny, frustrated, fed up with the run-around, I took a cold shower, smelled a rat and cut communication. As I authored the final "No Thank You / Goodbye" I got hit by yet another "hotttie" WITH THE EXACT (IDENTICAL TO THE WORD) same come on coos, conditions, excuses and website dating agreement. DO NOT fall for the bait offered by these scammers. It was a hot woman offering a date with me an average guy . I am in the UK.they use the $ sign.use broken English...

Meanwhile my bank account got cleaned out of a few hundred bucks.

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I got hit by one hottie who generated her email thru a known dating site for hookups.

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