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” Another user described the garden as “atrocious” but others were quick to decry the criticism.

“It’s hardly atrocious, it’s a bit of fallen leaves,” another replied.

“I started to listen and it became reality, the [talking]. They answered, ‘Brilliant,’ and the person was very happy knowing there was 13 of us.” Another boy said the group had difficulty understanding the dive team because their English was not very good. They asked me how many days have we been in here and I answered him … “We went in there and saw a couple of pools of water. After discovering even more water, the team became disorientated and it quickly became dark. “Everyone decided, ‘OK, let’s go and find a place to sleep, don’t worry, maybe it was just because the water rose and then it would recede later.’” “We had determined that we were going to spend the night there.

I asked Mick to go down, because [he] was holding the torch,” he said. “Everyone was so happy when they heard the noise of the divers … We did not prepare any bedding materials at all." The team agreed they would stay near the water and “pray to the gods”, the coach explained. I thought on the next day the water would recede and then someone would come and find us.” When the second day arrived, the boys were starting to feel weak and hungry.

All 12 players and their coach were greeted with cheers from a crowd outside as they entered the government hall, looking healthy and happy after their terrifying ordeal. All the questions from the press conference were submitted in advance and screened by psychologists to ensure the wellbeing of the team.

The only member of the team to speak English, Adul Sam-on, described the moment he heard the rescuers first coming. The 25-year-old coach, Ekkapol Chantawong, answered most of the questions and recalled the moment when they discovered they were trapped in the cave system. ’ “One of the boys said, ‘Within one hour we have to come back, we have to come out before 5pm, because someone has to get home.’” When the boys went to leave, they realised they were trapped by water. I told everyone to fight on, to have a good spirit, don’t give up.” The soccer team thought of a plan to “dig a passageway” for the water to flow through, however, it didn’t recede at all.

The mother-of-two told host Anh Do she'll never move on from Steve and find another partner, saying: “I'm just lonely for Steve.”“I always felt with Steve, if I hadn't married Steve I wouldn't have gotten married,” Terri said.“Quickly, go down to have a look, otherwise they might go past us.” Adul said his teammates hesitated, so he took the torch and investigated the noises himself. It took me a while before I could answer them, when they asked me how I was. They were fearful the torch would run out of battery, so they used it sparingly.“I greeted them, I said, ‘Hello.’ I heard, ‘Hello.’ Someone was raising their head above the water and said, ‘Hello’." “I went in there and the noise asked, ‘Hello, is anyone there? “When they said ‘hello’ to me, I said ‘hello’ back. The youngest team member said he felt “dizzy and weak” and tried to battle his pain by not thinking about food.“You want your mail delivered, make sure it is a safe place for the postie,” wrote one person.“After all it is his workplace and he deserves safety!

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