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They would come and go, since he really couldn't feel anything down there.

He worked off his sexual energy by performing oral sex on chicks.

I know you said you have a very good, honest and open communication with your boyfriend but if you have any thoughts or ideas that you wanna get a better grasp of before you talk to him about them, ask me anything and I will answer as good as I can even though I am not your boyfriend and I don't know what he is thinking just bouncing some ideas might be nice.

How does sexual pleasure and orgasm work for men with spinal cord injuries?Be prepared to receive a lot of looks and patronizing comments. But as long as you're in a healthy relationship with someone you care about, it's just as awesome and rewarding as any other relationship can be. He kindly informed us that he understood why she was dating me.Be prepared for people to suddenly feel that asking intensely personal questions about your relationship is okay. As she couldn't have "real" sex, she couldn't date a man. I have to say I'm guilty of wondering things like that.They had been friends for fourteen years, and as my mom was divorcing he helped her through it, filling in for my brother and I as the father figure that we needed after my biological father left.Two years ago, my mother married him, and I've never seen her so happy with him. He's a paraplegic with limited mobility in his arms, so there are special cares that he requires.

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:)EDIT: I just wanna point out that I phrased myself poorly, most quadriplegics can of course also enjoy sexual things, but not physically with their penis or vagina.

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