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The artifacts displayed at the museum date from the turn of the 20th century to the 1950s and include vintage vehicles, unique gasoline pumps and many products and signage from a host of petroleum companies.Most of the items on display in Gasoline Alley Museum were painstakingly restored by Mr. Kennedy International Airport, I had always thought Ozone Park’s name had something to do with air travel, since the ozone layer is high in earth’s atmosphere. When developers Benjamin Hitchcock and Charles Denton built lots of small houses immediately south of Woodhaven in the 1870s, they adopted a name for the area that they thought would be evocative of fresh air and cool breezes far away from congested Manhattan, and that’s the connotation the word “ozone” had back then.Till now, my experience with southern Queens has been relatively sparse, even though Ozone Park was the first Queens neighborhood I encountered when cycling into the borough from Bay Ridge, where I lived until 1993.This tour isn’t meant to be a full survey of Ozone Park — I didn’t venture south toward the track and the Cross Bay Boulevard area — but rather a brief snapshot of a specific area…WAYFARING: OZONE PARK Marlowe Jewelers (near 116th Street) and Domenic Dry Cleaners (near 105th).When told about how the Internet was photoshopping the image in humorous ways, the actor said, “That’s so funny. “Keanu Reeves Funny Moments Compilation.” You Tube.

It’s obviously unlikely the pair sparked a love affair over the course of one workday, during which they would have spent the majority of the time shooting scenes.

For example, on the Liberty Avenue el, we have Greenwood Avenue (111th Street), Oxford (104th), Boyd Avenue (88th Street).

Though the official MTA map refuses to acknowledge them anymore, the signs are still there; indeed, each time the signs are updated, the names are, too.

This page is the beginning of my efforts in reconnecting.

That means that I’ll have to touch on such diverse personalities as Jack Kerouac, Bernadette Peters, and Cyndi Lauper, who have all lived in Ozone Park, at another time.

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So named because the nearby 104th Street station is still subtitled Oxford Avenue, the former name of the street.

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