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At the event, they received comments that "Dark Eyes" was not suitable for a polka rhythm.and won the gold at the 2015 Skate America followed by a silver at 2015 Cup of China.

They finished 4th at the 2012 Skate Canada International, 5th at the 2012 Trophée Éric Bompard, and 5th at the 2012 U. They then competed at the 2012 Cup of China and finished 4th. Chock/Bates competed at the 2013 World Team Trophy and placed first in ice dance, helping Team USA win the team gold for the first time since 2009. The team went on to win the silver at the Grand Prix Final in December and then their first senior national title, at the 2015 U. In March, they capped off their season with silver at the 2015 World Championships in Shanghai, China.

Il n'était pas là en simple spectateur, mais n'avait d'yeux, d'après l', que pour la belle sportive de 30 ans...

Tout a commencé durant les Jeux olympiques de Sotchi.

Chock/Bates began their season with silver medals at four international events, the 2016 CS Nebelhorn Trophy, 2016 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial, 2016 Skate Canada International, and 2016 Rostelecom Cup.

In December, they placed 6th in the short dance, 4th in the free, and 6th overall at the Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France.

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