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We’re also planning our second “date” to talk about some of the ways Jackie could get involved in a few of these projects, which is exactly what Phillips had in mind when they planned the event.

“While we don’t intend to play matchmaker per se, nor tell people what they should work on together, we want to catalyze and support these natural connections,” she said.

What if instead of having meeting in the usual auditorium, it was held in a space made of repurposed weather stations or old computers used for climate modeling?

It might seem a little far-fetched to some of my colleagues but a science writer can dream, right?

Jeremy told me Superhero Clubhouse is currently looking to do a play about climate change and agriculture, a topic the International Research Institute for Climate and Society scientist James Hansen works extensively on as one of the leaders of the Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS) project.

One need only look at the chaos of the floods in Thailand or the Missouri River earlier this year to see examples of why those fears can be well founded.

By creating large works near water, Jackie’s told me her goal was to help ease some of those fears and create public spaces for people to engage with the water that sustains their communities.

She creates art near water, particularly human-made systems such as stormwater drains and river diversions.

These places inspire her because of their paradox: water is essential to life yet we go through great efforts to tame it due to fear of what it can do if left to run free.

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