Poker tracker error updating database

These filters can interact with each other in ways which may not be immediately obvious, but setting them as described above should remove any of these issues.

If you are still experiencing a HUD that lags behind then you most likely have a custom statistic that is not optimized and needs to be optimized or removed.If you have a large database and you have not previous updated your database for compatibility with Poker Tracker 4.11 then please postpone installation of 4.11.3 until your session is complete to avoid interfering with your playing schedule.Please be aware that if this database update is canceled or bypassed Poker Tracker 4.11.3 will not work properly until a cache rebuild is manually executed.And yes I let the database update finnish without any problems. Users Upgrading From 4.11 or Newer A database cache rebuild is suggested and will improve import speed.If you have experienced slow imports in earlier 4.11 releases then you must rebuild your entire database cache via Database - Users Upgrading From 4.10.9 or Below A database update is required after installing Poker Tracker 4.11.x for the first time, please allow this update to be completed.

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I have the feeling it get every day worst and worst. greetings NVKS Originally posted by Nije Vazno Ko Sam Since last update my PT v4.11.8 is really slow while importing and the result is that is makes almost impossible to open more then 6 tables. I hope I can avoid it, because it would need more then 8 hours for me...

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