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decriminalisation appears to have had a positive effect on crime. A 4-year prospective examination of risk factors in a community sample of adolescents and young adults’, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, vol.

Portuguese tax authority Brochure in English on the Portuguese tax system After filing an annual return, you will receive a notification from the tax administration indicating if you need to make an additional payment or if you are getting some money back.Conflicting accounts of how rates of use changed after 2001 are usually due to different data sets, age groups, or indicators of changing drug use patterns being used.But a more complete picture of the situation post-decriminalisation reveals: Overall, this suggests that removing criminal penalties for personal drug possession did not cause an increase in levels of drug use.You will receive the newsletter no more often than once a week.Portugal decriminalised the personal possession of all drugs in 2001.

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