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In theory, the scene of Will’s realization is a tragically honest depiction of pain, hurt, and horror for both Will and Terri.

In actuality, it portrays borderline physical abuse, with Will grabbing Terri’s wrist, pushing her against a wall, and violently ripping the pregnancy pad off of her stomach.

Nevertheless, the show places the responsibility for the pregnancy on Quinn, even though she was raped.

Another particularly egregious example of unacknowledged rape also involves drugging.

In particular, when Sue Sylvester, the evil gym teacher, wants to blackmail Principal Figgins, she takes him out to dinner, spikes his drink, brings him back to bed, strips him, and takes incriminating pictures.

Sue then blackmails the principal by saying she will show the pictures to his wife, thus making his wife think he is having an affair.

Despite his low intellect, her boyfriend Finn is at least somewhat responsible and loyal, and he is taken advantage of by Quinn again and again: for example, he takes a job to support her and the baby, and his mother even takes Quinn in after her parents kick her out.

When Terri believes herself to be pregnant, she is thrilled, as this means she can keep Will with her; when Terri learns this was a “hysterical pregnancy,” a false pregnancy brought upon by her own womanly emotions, she decides upon the most logical course of action: to lie to Will and fake a pregnancy for several months, going so far as to blackmail a doctor into showing her husband another woman’s ultrasound.

As previously reported, the college dropout will return to Ohio after her pilot fails.

She’ll be using the last of her money from the show to revive New Directions.

Considering that one in four women in the United States suffer from domestic abuse at some point in their lifetimes, according to the National Institute of Justice and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, such a message is dangerous, reinforcing the popular idea that there exists an acceptable level of abuse.

Unlike Terri’s deception, which happens rarely and, to this extent, probably never, this sort of partner violence happens Quinn’s pregnancy storyline is not much better.

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That said, the basic story is still this: a guy leaves his clingy girl for other hot chicks, a plotline that is not only cliché but also insulting to both men and women.

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  1. While she still cares for him, “you can’t just snap your fingers and tell it to stop caring for somebody” the reality star has her eyes and emails open for new love life, “The next boyfriend definitely needs to be husband material because I am a hopeless romantic so I definitely want to get married again.” And that starts with her last name seeing as she’s officially Porsha WIlliams again.