Rails production log not updating

I include the Loggly module in my application dependencies, then configure the API key in the run function, which is run once per page load.

Now, it’s simply a matter of logging using the Loggly service.

Head over to Loggly and sign up for a free account.

The various setup pages are handily made available once you log in and use your Loggly account’s subdomain (user.loggly.com), so you can follow along with my setup below.

For years, one of the many items omitted from most applications was an effective logging strategy.

In most cases, logging offers the developer the only look into an application at runtime.

Loggly can help with easy and extensible log search, an intuitive UI, agent-free deployment (I think that’s the best part) and a pay-as-you-go model.I’ve created a branch on the app repository for these changes here.When it comes to using Loggly with Rails, you have a couple of options.The first one is to configure syslog to use Loggly, then use the syslogger gem in your app.The second is to use the logglier gem, which I decided to do.

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Logging and testing are two items you have to be disciplined about during development.

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