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Before his first birthday, Talzin gave Maul and his brother Opress their first tattoos. Men these days, and especially younger ones, have not learnt proper manners to treat a lady like you. As a Dathomirian Zabrak male, he was a Nightbrother and had two blood brothers, Feral and Savage Opress.As communication scholar Tony Feldman (1997, 2) argues, unlike analogue data with “continuously varying values, digital information is based on just two distinct states.In the digital world, things are there or not there, ‘on’ or ‘off’.There are no in-betweens.” That digital bits have only two possible values leaves many to argue that, in the words of Robert Pepperell (2003, 126), “digital information is discrete and ‘clean’, whilst analogue information is continuous and ‘noisy’.” Robinson (2008, 21) defines analog as: “smoothly varying, of a piece with the apparent seamless and inviolable veracity of space and time; like space and time admitting infinite subdivision, and by association with them connoting something authentic and natural, against the artificial, arbitrarily truncated precision of the digital (e.g., vinyl records vs.CDs).” One example is the synthesizer, which in the mid 1960s and 1970s produced sound through “continuous variables such as changing voltages” instead of binary 1s and 0s (Pinch and Trocco, 2002, 7).

It is this way in which digitization mediates between the material and the immaterial (Manoff, 2006; Hayles, 2003) that makes digitization a unique process.

During his time in the village, he was a member of the Explosion Corps.

After defecting from the village, he was forced into Akatsuki and was its youngest member.

Though innovations like Morse code, as one of the earliest widely used digitization system, binary numbers laid the historical foundations for later developments in computing and digitization (see Edwards, 2004, x-xii).

Digitization is a process that has both symbolic and material dimensions.

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Somewhat later, Leibniz’s ideas came to form the basis of the Morse alphabet, and therefore Morse code, which became the standard system of the telegraph.

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