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“There was no end to her love for you and your sister and dad.

She was by far the best person I've ever known.” Carrie Barnette was celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday in Las Vegas when she was shot in the chest.

Alvarado enjoyed going on vacations and spending time outdoors with her husband, Albert, and their children. She spent her whole life serving others in her family and community,” her husband said in a statement.

Albert Alvarado is a firefighter in Cedar City, Utah, where the family lives.

Steve Berger, tall, gregarious, an award-winning financial planner and single father of three, had presence.

The group separated as they sought shelter, and later tried to find Jack. Laurie Beaton did not learn until Monday afternoon that her husband had been identified among the casualties. #atruehero” Jack worked in construction and Laurie in human resources at an energy company.

Later Monday, Laurie Beaton flew to Phoenix to pick up daughter Delaney, a freshman at Arizona State University, and returned home to Bakersfield, where her son Jake attends college. I love you so much more then you could ever imagine,” Jake Beaton posted on Facebook, along with a collage of pictures of his father, mother, sister and himself. But their lives centered around their children, watching their daughter cheerleading or taking their son dirt-bike riding in rural areas near Bakersfield.

“Here’s to 23 wonderful years and looking forward to 23 more,” she wrote. Jack tried to shield his wife with his body, according to Laurie’s parents. He laid on top of her and said, ‘Laurie, I love you.’ She said, ‘I love you too,’ and boom he got hit.

I don’t know how many times,” said Jerry Cook, Laurie’s father.

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