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There’s plenty of punch and the kind of heft at low frequencies most rivals don’t get close to.The presentation is big-boned too, with a wide stereo sound stage populated with nicely layered, crisply focused instruments. It’s as even as they come, refusing to add unnatural colour or drama to the sound.The numbers seem to confirm this, as that output rises to a claimed 115W into 4ohms and maximum current delivery is a notable 15A.This wouldn’t be possible without a properly specified power supply.We listen to smaller scale recordings from the likes of Eric Bibb and Satie, and are impressed with the way this amp renders tonal textures.Its presentation is very clean too, as if distortion levels are way lower than the norm.The story is much the same through the phono stage.

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Make no mistake; the 8300A is an amplifier that can impress easily.

Build is excellent and its large-scale sound gives it an edge over many rivals.

A further 73 outlets have a one rating, meaning major improvement is necessary, according to the Food Standards Agency website.

Of the remaining establishments, 317 have a three rating for generally satisfactory and 92 have a two for improvement necessary.

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