Retro raleighs dating

Now it’s back and the Nottingham-based firm has created this limited-edition version.

It’s in ‘scooter cream’ with the RAF roundel on the backrest matched by red, white and blue cables.

A "traditional" rack almost certainly would have been a Pletscher or a Raleigh presstube rack.

The iconic Raleigh Chopper returns with a limited edition retro style design.

Almost all English 3-speeds have Sturmey-Archer rear hubs.

However, that's a 10-speed frame with the rear dropout eyelet on top rather behind the axle.

Hard to tell if it would look as good set back further.

Why cant I find a simple traditional rear rack of pleasing proportions for Raleigh-type 26-inch wheel bikes?

These may be the most popular utility bikes in the history of the western world. It's kind of funny how rosy the past looks in retrospect.

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Combining chrome and the scooter Pearl White finish gives the classic bike a modern twist.

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