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But don't bother with the dating websites - you're much more likely to get scammed than anything else.Get yourself a tourist visa and a plane ticket, learn a bit of Russian and hit up the bars and clubs.The women can then make a profile using the agency’s computers.If a woman’s English is not good enough to communicate with men on her own, the agencies offer “translation services” where a staff member writes the messages instead.The growing popularity of dating sites might surprise narrow-minded people: why would you bother looking for someone online if you are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of real people? But the truth is simple: not always the one you need lives in the same town or visits the same cafes as you do.Hence, marriage dating sites help singles to eliminate all the obstacles on their way and to find their happiness.Western men are still seen as likely to be rich and easy to please.A related issue is that in Russian and Ukrainian society, it is still seen as essential for a woman to get married at a relatively young age (around 25 being the allowed maximum).

They are then typically offered a discounted or free glamour shoot, which basically involves suggestive photographs in bed, on the beach and so on.

The variety of dating sites for singles is quite impressive: today, it is not a problem to find a niche site that would satisfy your needs and expectations.

When looking through the options available the one may start wondering what is a mail order bride service and who needs it.

This is especially true for websites that charge those looking for a “bride” to communicate with the women – naturally, they want to choose the prettiest ones to maximize interest and profit.

The women who are accepted are (usually) verified, i.e.

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) Russian men expect “their women” to cook, clean and make babies regardless of their other commitments and many Russian women see escaping to the West as a way to have a bit more freedom in their lives.

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