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This general technique can also adapt to various code contexts and lead to protocol smuggling and SSRF bypassing.

Several scenarios will be demonstrated to illustrate how URL parsers can be exploited to bypass SSRF protection and achieve RCE (Remote Code Execution), which is the case in our Git Hub Enterprise demo.

We propose a new exploit technique that brings a whole-new attack surface to bypass SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) protections.

This is a very general attack approach, in which we used in combination with our own fuzzing tool to discover many 0days in built-in libraries of very widely-used programming languages, including Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, Java Script, Wget and c URL.

These attacks can randomly choose victims or target a given victim.

We verified these attacks with our own phones in operators' network in a small controllable scale.

We named this attack as 'Ghost Telephonist.' Several exploitations can be made based on this vulnerability.

When the call or SMS is not encrypted, or weakly encrypted, the attacker can get the content of the victim's call and SMS.

The usage of building automation, regardless if in private homes or corporate buildings, aims to optimize comfort, energy efficiency and physical access for its users. Unfortunately, not to the extent one might expect, cyber security is quite often found to be sacrificed either for comfort or efficiency.The attacker can also initiate a call/SMS by impersonating the victim.Furthermore, Telephonist Attack can obtain the victim's phone number and then use the phone number to make advanced attack, e.g. The victim will not sense being attacked since no 4G or 2G fake base station is used and no cell re-selection.The experiments proved the vulnerability really exists.Finally, the countermeasures are proposed and now we are collaborating with operators and terminal manufactures to fix this vulnerability.

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