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Yes, Now that I look at my purplish-magenta logo on the horn (post ten above) it has the Yami logo (the three tuning forks), in large print "Yamaha" and underneath, in smaller letters, "Japan", with absolutely no engraving, anywhere.

We probably have all seen bell information with the country the home offices of the manufacturer, with a different "made in " country elsewhere, such as the Ida Maria Grassi logo looking identical to that of the original owning company, save for the words "made in", just saying "Italy".

When I pressed a little she said I should talk to Jonathan, (ext 9445 btw) where I had to leave a message. Any letters as a prefix might denote country of origin, especially on modern horns, but not so on the A suffix.

There can be, however, an A suffix to the model number (i.e.

The new owners, Proel, will give you the information about its Asian origins stamped on the back! In case anyone here is interested: Purchased new in 1982 from (I believe.....hey, it's been a LONG time! It's the earliest serial # YSS-62 that I've ever seen (2905).

On mine I'm going with Japan and I'm sticking to it. Was a purple logo horn with engraving, but I've had the lacquer stripped, so the logo is no longer.

OK---I'm retired and have endless time to spend on geeky details (inquiring minds want to know) but am becoming convinced that NO ONE....... " You want head spinning, go research sixties Gibson guitars!!

Thus older horns could go out before those made in a now new location.Hi SOTW members, Some of you will have seen my Yamaha MODEL Number List.As part of this collection of data, I have created an online database for collecting the SERIAL numbers of Yamaha Saxophones.When I asked as an aside, about the darned silly "A", he quickly replied that designated assembled in the American plant.When I told Jon that he stated that he would straighten Mark out on that matter!

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He said our horn would be marked "made in Japan" on the body tube below the serial number, as surely any 52 with this low of a number (004902A) would have been made in Japan, and, at the very least the body tube would have been. He told me again where to look, I told him directly below the serial number is the bow seam!!

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