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” What kind of restaurant has a manager who talks to customers this way?!?! ” After our confrontation I left the restaurant with him telling me to get the hell out of his restaurant.I have never in my whole life been treated that way. I hope that your company does not continue to employ this person and that he be allowed to treat people this way. Like I said the cashier up front, Desiree, can verify everything I’ve stated and how rude I was spoken to and treated. Until the situation is taken care of I refuse to ever visit your establishment ever again I can assure you neither will my friends or family. Reply I am sure your case like many others with this company deserve legal attention. Your situation like many others will be brought to legal attention very soon. It will be when there is multi millions of dollars lost and stores closing because of lack customers. The ONLY enjoyable experience we had was from our server.He was the rudest person I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with.I know there has to be video of his actions captured on the video cameras. The first issue was they were out of every beverage there was only coke root beer and Dr Pepper available.

Golden Corral was founded in 1973 by James Maynard and Bill Carl after they failed multiple times to purchase franchises of other restaurants.

The first Golden Corral restaurant was located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

By 1979, there were over 100 restaurants in the chain.

In 1982, the company acquires Sirloin Stockade, which adds almost 200 more locations.

In 1991, the company launches 7 Metro Market concept restaurants.

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Then after being sat we went to the salad bar it was a total mess and a disaster. Most of the containers in the salad bar were empty.

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  1. ‘We just wanted to take our son to give him the chance he deserves.’ Chief Inspector Chris Gibson said officers ‘recognise the sensitivities involved in this very difficult and sad situation’.