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Years later, Hannity accused his liberal foil on their Fox News show, Alan Colmes, of being "a card-carrying member of the ACLU." Colmes said he was proud to be a member, "because they defend all free speech." "No, they don't, actually," Hannity replied. Seven years later, when she saw him for the first time on Fox News, she said she saw "nothing surprising.

The older we get, the more we become who we were." In 1990, Bill Dunnavent was trying to bring a relatively new concept to northern Alabama — highly opinionated political talk radio.

He supported himself as a house painter, wallpaper hanger and contractor, all the time listening to talk radio. These disgusting people." May-Chang asked the station to silence Hannity.

The station stuck with its initial offer, which Hannity rejected. "We thought that was the end of him." Finished with Santa Barbara, Hannity put an ad in the trade magazine Radio & Records, promoting himself as "the most talked-about college radio host in America." From then on, Hannity, who declined to be interviewed for this article, would portray the KCSB chapter as a symbol of liberal intolerance.

The ACLU's role was written out of the story, unmentioned in his own account.

Could the ACLU help Sean Hannity get his show back?

Stewart Holden, a local lawyer who volunteered for the ACLU, was intrigued.

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  1. This is highly undesirable….”) And none of their degree programs have the word “queer” in their names. For instance, even if President Trump can’t do so (in public), the rest of us need to cease and desist from pretending to agree that “Of course, bullying/global warming/discrimination/pretty much everything is unacceptable.” No more accepting the other side’s dubious premises.