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Features include: manual sync from 'Tools' menu, enable/disable sync on save, only sync if local database is newer than remote database in Google Drive.[Website] [Downloads] This plugin adds support for loading/saving a Kee Pass database from/to Cyber Gate Password Vault.» Resolves Kee Pass environment variables like %USERNAME%. Latest changes: v1.6.0.1: Fixed incorrect behaviour with only one destination. v1.6.0.2: Fixed crash if automatic backup on open was enabled with no DB autoloaded.

Please click on each location below for hours of service and other details.Cyber Gate Password Vault is a credit-card sized computer (with large Flash memory, communication over Bluetooth) for storing passwords.[Website] When opening a database, this plugin automatically shows an on-screen keyboard for entering the master password. Download plugin: [v1.2 for Kee Pass 2.20 and higher] Download source code: [v1.2 for Kee Pass 2.20 and higher] This plugin can import text files that were exported by the 'PINs' password manager. how you have to export your data from PINs and how to import it in Kee Pass) see the 'PINs 4.50 Import Plugin' → 'Help' menu, after you've installed the plugin.However, the Konverter additionally supports groups and field associations.Download plugin: [2.1] Download source code: [2.1] Export data from e Wallet to an XML file, which can then be imported into Kee Pass.

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Kee Pass 2.x has a built-in import module for Any Password files, no plugin required. Its functionality is integrated into the Various Import plugin.

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