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To defend their place in line, senior rights holders have rushed their ancient documents to analysts in the Division of Water Rights in Sacramento.Oroville’s Richvale Irrigation District asserted rights dating back to the 1870s for construction of flumes and pipes for long-gone Cherokee Mines.“To entice people to come here, the state issued a patent, and the water rights came with it,” he said.“Now, it’s like me coming to you and saying ‘Hey, you have a house.

“Water always existed here — before statehood, before the state water board,” said Mussi, 62, driving his pickup along the miles of high earthen levees that protect his tomatoes, alfalfa, grapes and other crops from being drowned by the Middle River.

And about 9,000 holders of “junior” rights — the newer farms — already have been curtailed for the second consecutive year.

State officials contend that it’s only fair to require senior rights holders to cut back.

worthless in their natural condition” by a 19th century New York Times correspondent.

While most Eastern states recognize riparian rights, California and Oklahoma are the only states west of the Mississippi River that continue to recognize them — and they are governed by few laws and frequently litigated.

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