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From 9 BC to the end of the 4th century, Pannonia was part of the Roman Empire, located within part of later Hungary's territory.

Around AD 41-54, a 500-strong cavalry unit created the settlement of Aquincum and a Roman legion of 6,000 men was stationed here by AD 89.

In the 9th century, Turkish origin rulers of East Francia, the First Bulgarian Empire and Great Moravia ruled the territory of the Carpathian Basin.

The area was previously under Avar Khaganate rule until 796.

As a federation of united tribes, Hungary was established in 895, some 50 years after the division of the Carolingian Empire at the Treaty of Verdun in 843, before the unification of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Initially, the rising Principality of Hungary ("Western Tourkia" in medieval Greek sources) His first-born son, Saint Stephen I, became the first King of Hungary after defeating his pagan uncle Koppány, who also claimed the throne.

Onogur was the collective name for the tribes who later joined the Bulgar tribal confederacy that ruled the eastern parts of Hungary after the Avars.

This exceeded the income of the French king (estimated at 17 tonnes) and was double the receipts of the English Crown.Up to half of Hungary's then population of 2,000,000 were victims of the invasion.As a consequence, after the Mongols retreated, King Béla ordered the construction of hundreds of stone castles and fortifications, to defend against a possible second Mongol invasion.The second element eri, 'man, men, lineage', survives in Hungarian férj 'husband', and is cognate with Mari erge 'son', Finnish archaic yrkä 'young man'.The Roman Empire conquered the territory west of the Danube between 35 and 9 BC.

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